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Get 4 cent off per litre at Cirle K with a Fuel Card. Offer available to Permanent TSB Explore account holders.

Circle K PTSB discount

Permanent TSB Explore Account holders can get 4 cent per litre off fuel at over 350 Circle K stations throughout Ireland.

How does it work?

  • PSTB Explore current account holders can apply for a free Circle K fuel card which guarantees members 2 cent per litre off the pump price for petrol and diesel plus an additional 2 cent until 30th April 2024. That's 4 cent per litre in total.

  • The fuel card can be used at over 350 Circle K stations nationwide. Find all locations here:

  • The card operates on a direct debit and all fuel charges are processed on a weekly basis and then collected 7 days later which means there’s no need for cash or credit cards at the petrol station.

  • Track your fuel consumption easily when you sign up to online billing and account management. You can easily track transactions to see how much fuel you bought, where you bought it and even how much you paid for it.

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Circle K PTSB discount
Circle K PTSB discount

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Tips to save 💶 shopping online

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