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01/06/20 Statement on Black Lives Matter

We’re at a critical moment in history. The events and actions of the last week (in addition to the unjust events throughout our lifetime) requires each of us to do more on a personal and collective level. This moment asks us to decide if we shall remain silent and be part of the problem, or be vocal and contribute to a solution. We are choosing to be vocal.
Black Lives Matter. So many of our friends, colleagues and family are hurting, and we hurt with them. We want to be part of a collective stand for what is right, by taking meaningful action no matter how small the impact.

Here is what we’re doing as a collective:

  • Donating to the Black Legal Action Centre, and adding organizations that work for reparative justice to our list of recipients for our annual donations
  • Having difficult discussions about race and how our privilege impacts our work and extended team
  • Continuing to diversify our collective members, so our extended team reflects the voices and backgrounds of our community and clients
  • Standing in solidarity with our friends, colleagues and family in the black community by listening and amplifying their voices
We are a small company that wants to do better. We believe our voices and actions add to something substantial when we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with others who are working for change.
We’ll do our part by speaking up and taking practical steps to support people and organizations who are working to better our community and fight for justice against the actions that have been impacting the black community for far too long.
As Canadians, we have to be honest that racism and discrimination aren’t just a problem south of the border. They are a problem at home as well. If we all work together, we can be better, and we can do better.
Together with you,
Darn Clever Management Team