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Second-hand/Refurbished Shops

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

My fiancée once told me that she loves simple, old and shabby-chic things and that’s why she agreed to marry me. And while I was never sure just how to take that, I have to say I agree with her. Some of my favourite buys have been second-hand items. They simply have tons of character and they usually come with a nice story attached. Never mind the fact that you are also doing the right thing for the environment.

So, whether you’re fan of shows like American Picker or Bargain Hunters and are looking for a steal. Or just want something that looks great for less – here’s a list of the best places to buy second-hand goods.

Second hand clothing retailers:

We all know how great vintage clothing can look. But finding the right items can involve a lot of time and effort trawling through charity shops. And while some people love the thrill of this, others prefer a quick bargain. And here are the best places to find them:

Vinted: Online marketplace selling second-hand clothing and accessories.

Designer exchange: Sells second-hand designer bags and accessories.

Depop: Online marketplace selling preloved clothing, shoes and accessories.

Dublin Vintage Factory: Sells top grade vintage clothing from around the world at an affordable price.

Vestiaire Collective: Sells pre-loved luxury clothing, accessories and shoes. Their price range varies hugely but quite a few items can be found at reasonable prices.

Siopaella: Sells luxury designer bags, accessories and women’s clothing.

Second hand electronics shops:

The sheer amount of electronics we go through as a society is incredible. And this means there are tons of phones, laptops and tablets out there that need goods homes – especially in the run up to Christmas. Most of them are refurbished to an almost new condition and often come with a warranty. And you can forgive the odd dent or scratch if it means getting a great bargain.

Smart Cellular: Sells refurbished mobiles and tablets

CeX: Sells second-hand goods specialising in technology, computing and video gaming.

Laptops Direct: Sells new and refurbished Phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc.

Fonez: Offers all the latest phones from all the leading mobile phone brands at a lower than retail price.

Green IT: Sells refurbished ex-corporate laptops, tablets and computers.

CompuZone: Refurbished laptops and PCs.

Second hand bookshops:

Sure Kindles are out there and are great. But who doesn’t love holding an incredible story in your hands, the smell and feel of the paper pages? So, instead of going out and buying a new book – see if you can find it second-hand online first. That way you’re still getting a great read and minimising the impact on the environment.

The Bookshop: Sells used books at lower prices as well as some new and unused books based in Ireland.

Better World Books: Sells new and used books at bargain prices.

Book Outlet: Canadian website selling new books in good condition at low prices. Shipping costs are based on weight and delivery time can be long.

Awesome Books: A U.K. online bookseller selling new and used books. Donated a book for every book purchased.

Bookstation: An Irish Bookseller specialising in unused low-price bestsellers.

Thrift Books: An online bookseller based in the U.S. selling used books.

AbeBooks: Online marketplace specialising in books with a large amount of used books available. With this offer you can get some Supervalu Real Reward points when you spend there too.

Second hand marketplaces:

Sometimes you just want to find something for a bargain. It may be something that broke at home and needs replacing. It may be a nice piece of vinyl to complete your record collection.

You might just want to browse and see what’s out there – and you won’t know til you see it right?

Well here’s some of the best second-hand marketplace sites to do that:

Thriftify: an online charity shop selling clothes, books, DVDs, CDs and Vinyls, PC and games and other “Bric-a-Brac”. Goods are sourced from charity shops around the country and each item says what charity the money will go to

Etsy: eCommerce website focusing on handmade and vintage items. Price range can vary greatly. Get some Supervalu Real Reward points when you spend at Etsy – click here for more details.

eBay, DoneDeal, GumTree and Amazon Renewed are all major online marketplaces and each sells a wide selection of used items.

Second hand furniture stores:

And finally no second-hand shopping guide could be complete without a look at some furniture. Drogheda-based secondhand furniture stores with a wide range of household furniture items including a home office furniture section.

Age Action’s Cherry Orchard’s showroom isn’t online; however, it has 10,000 square foot of second-hand furniture. When lockdown lifts, visiting it could result in you contributing to a worthy cause while also getting yourself a great deal.

There really are lots of places out there to buy second-hand goods. So, whether you’re looking for something shabby-chic or in the market for something almost new at half the price. These are some of the best places to buy them.

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