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Dunnes Stores app: get €5 off a €25 shop

Dunnes Stores app discount

The Dunnes Stores app contains a digital welcome voucher that when scanned at checkout gets you €5 off a €25 shop.

The new app also has the following features:

  • Store your €5 off €25 grocery vouchers

  • Store your VALUE clubcard helping you earn points on each shop and it also lets you track your VALUEclub balance

  • Scroll through the latest weekly grocery offers although you can’t order a grocery delivery directly from the app

  • You can view the latest fashion & homeware items. You are redirected from the app into your internet browser when you do this.

  • You can also search for your closest store & view their opening hours

  • If you've already signed up for a account, you can login to the new app using the same login details.

To get the app on the Apple App Store click here.

To get it on the Android/Google Play store click here.

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Dunnes Stores app discount
Dunnes Stores app discount

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