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About provides deals, discounts and money-saving advice. 

The idea for came after we moved back to Ireland from overseas. We couldn't believe the cost of living in Dublin. While scraping by for months, we began to learn and compile different ways to save money on big purchases and small ones. Having first shared them with friends, we decided to make them available to anyone who might be interested!


Our Discounts section houses deals and discounts from hundreds of retailers. It's designed to help you save money every time you spend. Members can share their own deals in our Member Forum.

Articles are posted regularly in the Money-saving tips section. These offer tips and tricks on how to make savvy decisions around spending.

We are are 100% Irish-owned. We do earn revenue to run the site via Google ads. To ensure that we provide truly impartial advice, we don't deal directly with any of these brands. Most deals sites can't say this because they get commissions / affiliate fees from the sales of some of the products featured.