Buymie grocery delivery app overview

What is Buymie?

The Buymie app is a grocery delivery service. Through the Buymie app, you can order a grocery shop from Dunnes Stores or Lidl. Buymie’s personal shoppers pick up your groceries from the supermarket of your choice and deliver them to your door.


Where does Buymie operate?

In Ireland, Buymie operate in Dublin, parts of Kildare and Wicklow, Cork and they’ve just started servicing both Galway and Limerick too.



What is Buymie’s minimum order amount?

Buymie’s minimum basket order is currently €30 for both Dunnes and Lidl deliveries.


However if the order is below €40 (so between €30 and €40), an extra €3 fee (called a basket fee) applies.



What fees does Buymie charge?


Buymie have a number of different fees:


Flat fees

  • Delivery fee (this goes to the shopper) is €4.99 if delivery is between 1 and 5 days away. If it’s same day it costs €5.99, if you pre-order 5 days or before the delivery date, then the fee is €3.99.

  • A €1 processing fee

  • A fee of €3 also applies to orders below €40



Fees that vary depending on size of the shop

  • A Buymie ‘platform fee’ applies. This is calculated as a percentage of groceries cost. For Dunnes it is 5.75% of the groceries and 15.75% for Lidl. To complicate things further 23% VAT is added to this fee.


If you get a home delivery service frequently, then it might be better to subscribe to Buymie Plus. You can get it for €11.99 month or €99 per year. Buyme Plus members don't pay delivery fees but each order needs to be at least €40.


What are the advantages of using Buymie?

  • Based on my experience they offer a great service that saves you time

  • It’s an easy-to-use app that lets you quickly add items.

  • They offer discounts fairly regularly.

  • You're supporting an Irish company when you use Buymie.



  • The fees can be expensive – especially for Lidl.

  • You can’t use Dunnes or Tesco spend and save vouchers through Buymie.  This may change in the future.

  • You don’t earn Dunnes VALUEclub points or coupons.

  • It doesn’t serve the whole of Ireland but that might change over time.

  • The search functionality within the app could be improved too.

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