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Tesco Clubcard overview

What is the Tesco Clubcard?

The Clubcard is Tesco’s loyalty programme. You earn one Clubcard points when you spend at Tesco instore or at You can also earn Clubcard points at Certa fuels stations or by paying your Tesco mobile bill.


What are Clubcard points points worth?

1 Clubcard point = 1 cent. So 100 points is worth €1.


How can I earn Clubcard points?

There are a few ways that Tesco Clubcard members can earn points:

  • Earn 1 Clubcard point for each €1 spent at or Tesco instore shops

  • Earn 1 Clubcard point for each €2 spent paying their Bord Gais bill. This will end on 31t July 2022.

  • Earn 2 Clubcard points per €1 spent on your Tesco mobile bill

  • Earn 1 Clubcard points per €2 spent at Certa Fuel stations. Check out Certa locations here.


What can I spend my Clubcard points / vouchers on?

Every few months, Tesco convert all of the points you have earned into Clubcard vouchers. Tesco vouchers can be used to:

  • get money off your Tesco bill at face value. So a €5 voucher gets you €5 off your shop.

  • You get triple the value when you use your Clubcard vouchers to pay off your Tesco mobile bill – each €5 voucher pays €15 from your Tesco mobile

  • You get double the value when you convert Clubcard vouchers and put towards your Bord Gais bill – each €5 voucher pays €10 off a Bord Gais bill. If you're planning on converting, please do so soon as the Tesco & Bord Gais partnership ends 31st July 2022.

  •, Milano, Central Parcs, Stena and Irish Ferries all get you three times the value - so €5 in Tesco vouchers converts to €15.


Click here to see information on other partners and how to convert.


How do I check my Tesco Clubcard points balance?

You can check your balance at You can convert your Clubcard vouchers to get money off with Clubcard Boost partners. 

You can also see your points in the 'Clubcard' tab of the new Tesco app.


How to register for a Tesco Clubcard

  • Register online here. Then, Tesco will post out a fob.


Do Tesco do online grocery delivery? 

Tesco offer grocery delivery nationwide. They deliver online grocery orders that are €30 for a one-off shop. Standard delivery charges range from €3 to €7 depending on the time slot. For orders below €30 a €3 extra charge applies to the standard delivery fee.


Tesco Delivery Saver is a subscription service designed for those who get groceries delivered regularly. It’s €10 per month for unlimited deliveries any day or €7.50 a month for mid-week only deliveries.  A minimum order rule applies - orders must be €50 or an extra levy is added.

Tesco offers this week:

Tesco Clubcard Disney Plus

3 months Disney + for €9

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