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Cheapest Supermarket May 2023

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

What are the Monthly Supermarket Price Comparison studies?

We compare how much the big 3 supermarkets charge for a basket of groceries containing a mixture of well-known brands across a number of categories including dairy, household cleaning and food cupboard. We also include own-brand meat and fruit & veg items.

In addition, we check the prices of a baskets of dozens of own-brand grocery items at Aldi and assess versus a comparable basket of own-brand items at Dunnes Stores, Supervalu and Tesco.

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How we calculate the average prices

We check each item in both studies over a dozen times each month and work out the average price over the course of the month.

Our study includes short-term promotions where the cost of buying an individual item is discounted. However multi-purchase (for example: 'buy 3 for €10') promotions aren't included.

The products are comparable. In some instances there are slight variations in sizes/weights between the own-brand products at the different supermarkets.

Find out the results of April's analysis below


May 2023 Cheapest Supermarket - Basket with Brands

Cheapest Supermarket for brands. May 2023

The basket of branded and own-brand goods price comparison looked at 39 products. Across this basket which includes well known Irish staple brands, Tesco was cheapest of the big 3 supermarkets once again in May.

Tesco shoppers on average would've paid €2.50 less than Dunnes shoppers and €7 less than Supervalu shoppers if buying this basket without any vouchers.

However regular shoppers at Supervalu or Dunnes who avail of Shop & Save or Money-Back vouchers, could potentially get the basket for cheaper than Tesco shoppers.


May 2023 cheapest basket with branded goods - the details


May 2023 cheapest supermarket for own-brand

The basket of own-brand goods price comparison compared 37 products across Aldi. Dunnes Stores, Supervalu and Tesco. A range of categories are covered including chilled & frozen foods, fruit & vegetables, food cupboard, household cleaning goods & meat.

May 2023's cheapest own-brand basket

Cheapest Supermarket for own-brands. May 2023

Tesco also had the cheapest own-brand basket in our May study at €84.83. This was driven by a strong monthly special on beef. Dunnes was most expensive at €89.13.

The below price summary doesn't factor in weekly vouchers. Dunnes or Supervalu customers using Shop & Save or Money-Back vouchers could potentially have got this basket for cheaper than Tesco customers.


May 2023 cheapest own-brand basket - the details

Notes on Variations in Own-Brand product sizes

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