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Tesco Clubcard, Supervalu Real Rewards and Dunnes Stores VALUEclub compared

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

If you’re a savvy spender, chances are you already have a supermarket rewards card. However, how many times have you actually sat down and compared what you get from each retail store? Also, as discounters like Lidl and Aldi don’t offer them, are you better off being loyal to those that do?

Here, we take a look at what each supermarket rewards scheme offers and give our conclusion on what makes them worth it. After all, it costs you nothing to have them.

Irish supermarket rewards compared

Tesco Clubcard

Reward currency values

You earn points for spending at Tesco or select partners. You earn one point for every €1 spent at Tesco instore or online. 1 Clubcard point = 1 cent. 100 points is worth €1.

How it works

Every few months, Tesco convert all of the points you have earned into Clubcard vouchers. These can be used to get money off your Tesco bill at face value. So a €5 voucher gets you €5 off your shop.

You can also use the points you’ve earned with Tesco Clubcard Boost partners such as Bord Gáis Energy, Tesco Mobile and more. These partners can make your vouchers stretch further however you must link your Clubcard account to the partner account first

With some partners, you can get up to 4 times the value of your vouchers. This delivers good value, but it takes a bit of effort to get it. One example of this is, if you’re a Bord Gáis Energy customer, you can receive double the value of your vouchers off you next bill. So if you receive €10 in vouchers from Tesco, this means €20 off your energy bill. Not bad! More details about how to do it are here.

Managing your Clubcard account

At you can keep track of your points balance or convert your Clubcard vouchers to money off with Boost partners.

Summary of how to earn and redeem points. Click here for more details.

How to earn Tesco Clubcard vouchers and use with Boost partners.
Tesco Clubcard Boost Partners


You can get some great value using the rewards through their Clubcard Boost partners.

· If you are a Bord Gais customer, you can both redeem points against your Bord Gais bill (up to €20). And earn them when you pay it (1 point for every €2 spent).

· You can triple the value of your Clubcard vouchers with Tesco Mobile

· Milano, Central Parcs, Stena and Irish Ferries will give you four times the value.

· If you're close to an Odeon it's good value too.

How to Register for Tesco Clubcard

Register online here. Then, Tesco will post out a fob.


SuperValu Real Rewards

Real Rewards currency value

Earn Real Rewards points for spending at Supervalu or partners. You earn one point for every €1 spent at Supervalu instore or online. 1 Real Rewards point = 1 cent. 100 points is worth €1.

How it works:

Earn points by spending at Supervalu and partners. Points can be used to get money off at partners or converted to Avios points that get you money off Aer Lingus flights. Three times a year earned points not already redeemed will be converted to money back vouchers. These can be used to get money off with SuperValu or at partners.

On top of this you can enjoy shop and save vouchers for their store.

Managing your Real Rewards account

The Real Rewards app makes it easy to manage your account. You can keep track of your points, Money Back vouchers and also receive other promotions. You can use your app or to convert your Real Rewards points or Money Back vouchers to get money off with partners.

Ways to earn Supervalu Real Reward points and get discounts with Eir, Electric Ireland and Aer Lingus
Supervalu Real Rewards partners

In conclusion

· A big plus is that you can earn double-points by using Visa. If you have a Visa cashback debit or credit card - you can get even more savings on top of this.

· SuperValu has huge range of partners in their eShop to earn Real Rewards points with

· Enjoy double the value with Electric Ireland - €10 of real rewards converts to €20 off your bill

· Avios promotions – there are usually two or through promotions a year where you can get extra Avios points.

How to register for a Supervalu Real Rewards card

1. Pick up a Real Rewards card in store and register it here


Dunnes Stores VALUEclub

VALUEclub currency values

1 point = 1 cent. So, 100 points is worth €1

You earn points for spending at Dunnes. 100 points is worth €1.

How it works

Earn points by spending at Dunnes Stores instore or online.

VALUEclub details need to be linked to account to qualify for points. Your points are then converted to money off vouchers that you can use at Dunnes Stores only.

How to earn points

Shop instore on online by scanning/using your card’s code

Redeeming your VALUEclub points

If at least 200 points are earned within a specific time period you will receive money back vouchers in next mailing.

There are three mailings a year:

1. Spring

2. Back to School

3. Christmas.

Note: VALUEclub money vouchers are not currently redeemable online.

In Conclusion

Limited use of rewards points as they can only be used inside Dunnes outlets and no partnerships are included. But good if you like shopping there.

How to register for a Dunnes Stores VALUEclub card

1. Create a Dunnes Stores account here

2. Pick up a VALUEclub card in store and

3. Register your card here

What is your experience with Irish supermarket rewards? Leave a comment to let us know your thoughts below.

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